Deluxe Slideshow Package

o   High resolution, professional scanning of your print photos and paper media (digital photos preferred)
o   Customized 10 Step Photo Enhancements                                            10 Step Photo Enhancements
 1.   Photos individually scanned at high resolution
 2.   Photos cropped to place focus on the area of interest, eliminate ‘negative’ space, and maximize the
       viewing area for Widescreen TV
 3.   Red eye removed
 4.   Large scratches, spots, and stains repaired
 5.   Color adjustments made to each photo, as necessary, to make skin tones as natural as possible
 6.   Contrast and brightness adjustments made to improve details and sharpen image
 7.   Hue and saturation adjustments made as necessary
 8.   Each image filtered (dust, scratches, etc.) to present a balanced overall appearance
 9.   Faces brightened to bring out detail
10.   Final color and brightness adjustments to lessen shadows and enhance detail

o   Customized DVD main menu
o   Customized motion and video effects - each slideshow is unique
o   Several slideshow formats to choose from
o   Customized special effect transitions between images
o   Custom title effects – opening and closing titles
o   Up to five (5) photo text captions per increment of photos - incidental and transitional text such as quotes, humorous
         captions, poetry and verses.
o   Up to three (3) 10-second video clips per increment of photos. Longer clips can be included–additional charges apply.
o   Up to three (3) photo morphing sequences per increment of photos
o   Your choice of background music
o   Personalized DVD graphic printed directly onto disc
o   High-quality DVD-R media
o   Packaged in slim-line jewel case
We’d be glad to discuss and quote any additional services, such as; picture within picture, custom motion effects, custom graphics...